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Power Objects

A hand-embroidered illustration

Power Objects is all about finding those accessories that make you feel like you. A lot of the focus of my illustrations is drawing peoples’ objects of personality around them; they’re what describes to the audience more about them as a character. I’ve found that I’m drawn to illustrating things you wear when it’s hot outside. The sunglasses, the bright coloured lipstick - they’re bold additions to your aesthetic and are tokens of confidence.


I’m taking inspiration from medieval English tapestries and from woven art within other cultures, where we’ve found ways to describe how things were in a point of time. By the time I’ve finished a sewn piece, are those objects now out of style? I love flipping through magazines and trawling the internet to find those markers of our time. In 20 or 50 years from now, what will fashion look like? What will I be wearing and what will I be drawing?

This is the first piece in an ongoing series called Objects. It will showcase my love of stars and lipstick and sunglasses.

This piece will be made available to buy via Bleur in early 2020. I hope you enjoy this piece! See below some for WIP images from my Instagram stories. As with all my embroidered work, I’ll post updates as they’re made! Follow me to see the progress, @sophie_rawlingson

© Sophie Rawlingson, 2019