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Embroidered Patches

One of my favourite things to do when I get some down time is make my digital illustrations into embroidered fabric patches. Each one so far has been one-of-a-kind as I can re-make a patch in a variety of colourways! This is especially true for flowers for example, I feel as though I am amking a garden! While in self-isolation I’ve made five more to add to the growing collection of patches available in my shop.

The reason I love these patches so much is because they are really easy to use. I opted for the attachment method to be fabric stickers. This way, you simply have to peel off the backing and stick straight on to your item of clothing / tote bag / makeup bag (the list goes on!). See below for user instructions.

  1. Lay out your item of clothing / fabric flat on a table

  2. With the fabric sticker still on, see where the patch looks best

  3. Peel off the sticker backing and place the patch on your fabric

  4. Press down firmly on the front and back, paying close attention to the edges

  5. Done!

Head to my shop to purchase one of these patches, or take a look at the prints I have on offer too. You can also see all of my textile work to date. Happy reading!

© Sophie Rawlingson, 2019