Flower Girl, Hand-Embroidered Illustration

I’m super proud to present my first hand-embroidered illustration! It’s been really fun to have learnt a new skill in 2019, especially one that is so old school and time-consuming. It’s been a welcome change to purely digital illustration, which from start to finish for me is so quick; punch-needle embroidery certainly taught me to have more patience.

This A3 piece is the third one I made this year, with the first two being the experiment of learning and mastering the skill. The back of the piece has been glued, before the backing fabric is sewn on by hand. I am a huge fan of the name tags as well; on the back of the tag is the word ‘Portraits’. This ‘Flower Girl’ piece is the first of an ongoing series under this name.

I’ll be selling this piece with south London based art collective Bleur once my profile with them is live! I’ll keep you up to date for that. 

As with all my embroidered work, I keep Instagram followers up to date with my progress. You can see some of the stories below from this project. These images have been saved to my ‘highlights’, simply head to my profile to view the full story on this piece, as well as many others!

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