Punch Needle Embroidered Patches

I was inspired by some of the prints I started selling during 2019, and wanted to make some patches with them! The patches are made with a punch needle, which gives them a thick squishy feel. They aren’t your average patch! Each one is finished with a fabric sticker on the back, which means they will hold on to your garment/bag more than iron-on backings, and the sticker allows for better precision with placement.

These patches are about giving old threads a new lease of life. I have been donated many cotton threads in all sorts of colours from my Grandma and her friends. ︎ But because the threads aren’t in my brand colours, I’ll be soley using them for patches and hanging decorations!

I’ll be selling patches and hanging decorations on Etsy as this is the prime product for the platform, so keep your eyes peeled on my profile to see updates! Each patch is one-of-a-kind and won’t be made in that same colourway again. If you see something you like, nab it!


The Dots

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