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Flower girl

A hand-embroidered illustration

Flower Girl is the first embroidered piece of work I’m doing in an ongoing series called Portraits. The drawing came about as a digital illustration in 2019 and was one of my favourites I drew that year. It inspired a zine called ‘Faces Around The Earth’ that featured purely portraits of female faces. The girl features flowers around her as objects that represent elements of her personality. In 2019 we saw a rise in people declaring and acting on their love for the environment, and this character is doing just that. 


While my intention with this illustration was to explore my style in a different media and to learn a new skill, I’ve fallen in love with it though seeing the once vector-only shapes now filled with so much texture. I am excited to continue to hand-sew portraits like this one for the series.

See below some for WIP images from my Instagram stories. As with all my embroidered work, I’ll post updates as they’re made! Follow me to see the progress, @sophie_rawlingson

© Sophie Rawlingson, 2019