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Custom Portraits

A4 Print, 250gsm recycled paper

  • One person or pet per cover
  • Digital illustration printed onto recycled paper 
  • Posted flat without a frame

See below for some info on how this works.


1st Class / Gift Wrap: £5.60
2nd Class / Minimal Wrapping: £2.80
FREE over £30 order

Printed onto recycled paper. All packaging is environmentally friendly, regardless of your postage shipping option. This print is posted flat without a frame. Learn more.

International orders:
Shipped to the UK only. For Europe and international orders please drop me an e-mail and I can work out postage!

How does this work?

  • Purchase your custom print through the site two weeks before you need the print (confirmation of drawing & postage)
  • Send me an e-mail with the subject line ‘Custom Print’ 
  • Attach the CLEAR, CLOSE and COLOUR image you would like me to reference from
  • Mention any objects or words you would like to be drawn around your person / animal
  • Let me know out of the set colours I use which ones you like best / don’t like

  • I will let you know I’ve received your e-mail and will start drawing!
  • Once I’ve got a digital design, I’ll show you via e-mail for you to confirm or make a change
  • I will print the final illustration on 250gsm matte recycled paper
  • I will package the print acording to your purchase - theres a gift wrap or minimal packaging option
  • You’ll recieve the print in the post!


© Sophie Rawlingson, 2019