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Branding, postage & packaging

Postage Packaging:

Note - UK Only

1st Class / Gift Wrap:

  • Biodegradable slip for prints
  • Paper bag for patches
  • Compostable tissue paper for prints and large embroidery
  • Paper stickers or biodegradable clear stickers to fasten
  • Recyclable thank you note on orders over £30
  • Swanky business card on orders over £30
  • Recyclable business card on orders over £10
  • Brown cardboard envelope

2nd Class / Minimal:

  • Biodegradable slip for prints
  • Paper bag for patches
  • Brown cardboard envelope

Business Cards

Basic - included in your online order if you spend over £10. These are printed onto recycled paper and are fully recyclable after use. ︎

Snazzy - if we meet in person and we’re networking, I’ll pass on my snazzy cards that have metallic silver sparkles. These aren’t recyclable, but I’m hoping you won’t be keen to throw away!


A5 double-sided prints, printed onto recycled paper. ︎ You’ll get one of these when you place a large order or buy one of my embroidered pieces through Bleur!


You guessed it, they’re printed onto recycled paper. When you dispose of the sticker, if they’re stuck onto paper, you can include it in the recycling bin too. ︎ The glue from the sticker isn’t enough to cause havoc to your local recycling. 

Tissue Paper

The illustrated custom tissue paper I had designed is fully recyclable and compostable, unlike most tissue paper you buy from the high street. ︎

The large embroidered work and prints I’ll be selling with Bleur will be wrapped up in the tissue paper!

Paper Bags

You can very easily recycle these small paper bags. ︎ You can also compost them in your home set up, or check with local councils to see if they accept manufactured compostable matter.

Small items like pins and patches are mailed inside these.

Protective Slips

When posting A4 sized prints and A5 zines I post them in protective slips. They are made in the UK from corn or potato starches and are fully biodegradable and compostable, despite looking like plastic!

Mailing Envelopes

I never use plastic mailing envelopes or paper enveloped with plastic bubble wrap inside. I use 100% padded paper envelopes! You can reuse these if you wish or just place in recycling / composting. ︎

Printed Portfolio

When I take my printed portfolio around for clients to view, I do so in a corkboard outer portfolio and my illustrations are printed onto recycled paper.

Embroidered work

The threads I use are made and dyed in the UK. Cotton yarn and thread wastage during the making process is put to the side and will be used as stuffing for future textile projects. I use cotton and linen fabrics and cotton threads for this work!


My rug-making frames are made using local wood. Most of the yarn I use is animal wool or natural fibres as this is compostable vs. synthetic yarn. I source my materials from within the UK.

Thank you for making a conscious decision to support emerging artists and for choosing to pay just that bit more for a considered product and it’s packaging materials!

© Sophie Rawlingson, 2019