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Sophie Rawlingson is a self-taught illustrator based in London, UK. Her work centres around drawing portraits, plants and flowers, and various objects that seemingly float on the page. She is inspired by the visual culture she lives in and how people are all too eager to demonstrate to the world who they are, what they own, and why their relationship with a posession can be meaningful. This wonderful every day she tries to capture, is often pieced together with elements of fantasy and magic.

She is predominantly a digital illustrator but started using embroidery and rug tufting as well in 2019. To put something into embroidery is to seal it in time - a this-is-what-life-was-like way of marking her present, to look back on in the future.

︎ Sophie recently joined London based art collective Bleur. View her pieces for sale here.

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The Dots

The Seam

What Can You Hire For?

Comissioned & collaborative projects in the realm of: embroidery & textile design, digital illustration, illustrated print based or wood cut-out set design & zine making. 

People Have Said...

“What Sophie has been able to do so well in her work is make subjects completely relatable. Though this particular work is grounded in her own feelings surrounding her experience, she poses a question that opens the piece up entirely.”

- It’s Nice That

“Sophie offers a modern take on embroidery with her bold colours and structured graphic lines...”

- Bleur

“With Ellie’s lust for self-publication and Sophie’s creativity, they’ve successfully created an outlet for women to rant about their complicated relationships with their bodies in The Peach Diaries.”


“Not to mention insightful talks from four emerging London-based artists, Lilian Nejatpour, Eldon Somers, Sophie Rawlingson and Alexander Ikhide, on what it’s like surviving in today’s tough art climate.”

- Nando’s

Interviews / Features

Trending in Illustration, ELLO (2019)

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It’s Nice That (2017)

Material Magazine (2017)

Brick’s Magazine (2017)

De Standaard - Newspaper (2018)

Podcasts / Events

Foil Printing Workshop with Foilco and G . F Smith (2019)

Nando’s Feast Your Eyes - Live Podcast (2017)

Vulva La Revolution - Podcast (2017)

CUNT QUALMS - Podcast (2017)

My body is a temple, my vagina is a flower - Zine Workshop (2017)


Teen Vogue
The Hoxton
Camel Assembly
The Laundry
The PEACH Diaries (Issue 1)
Bloom Independent Shop
GIRLS CLUB (Issue 2)
The Debrief
Poppy Koumis
Koumis & Kettle
RE-VISION Magazine (Issue 1)
Joelle Poulos


Cover of the Month August 2015 for RE-VISION Magazine via Stacks Magazine

Skillshare X Dribbble Illustration Award (2015)


BA Hons Graphic & Media Design
University of the Arts London

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
Falmouth University

Some of my favourite features and mentions!

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